Why is India such a great place for a holidy?

India is a great country and is a must visit country to see its history and rich culture. It is the land where Human Civilization took roots 5000 years ago - The Indus Valley Civilization or the Harappan Civilization. The Indus Valley civilisation in India is even older than the Egyptian and Mesopotamian Civilizations.

Some of the unique facts about India which makes India so special are that India is the land of the oldest religions of the world – Hinduism and Buddhism. It inspired the world with the art of Making Love – the ancient book of 'Kamasutra' meaning 'Art of Making Love'. It is the land that gave the world Curry and the use of Spices to make delicious food. It is the land of Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda Medicine and Massages.

Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook went to India to seek blessings

Many of the world's most successful people hold India as a mystical land with untold blessing. For example, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, recently mentioned that he visited one of the temples in India, when Facebook was not doing well in the initial years. Mark said he was advised by his Mentor, Steve Jobs to go to India, because Steve had gone to India when Apple was not doing well, and after Steve’s visit to India, things turned around for the better in Apple. Both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg openly admit they were blessed with good fortune after they visited India.

Quotes on India by some of the world's most eminent persons

India has fascinated so many. Just look at these quotes on India from some great people:

“India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!"....................Mark Twain quotes on India (1835-1910) American Author
“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”..............Albert Einstein quotes on India (1879-1955) Physicist and Nobel Prize winner
“India was the mother of our race and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages. She was the mother of our philosophy, mother through the Arabs of much of our mathematics, mother through Buddha of the ideals embodied in Christianity, mother through village communities of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all”..............Will Durant quotes on India (1885-1981) American Writer and Historian, winner Pulitzer Prize in 1968 and the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977
“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has most fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions, I should point to India.”............Max Mueller quotes on India (1823-1900) German scholar and author

India is unique: it has the Taj Mahal, Kamasutra Temples of Khajuraho, Ajanta Caves and Kerala State, one of the ten paradises on earth (National Geographic Traveler). There are wild animals like tigers and elephants roaming free in their forests and protected by Law. Exotic plants and trees grow here yielding world famous spices and fragrances like Sandalwood oil. Ancient monuments right next to modern buildings is a common sight.

Khajuraho Kama Sutra Temple has statues of the art of making love, an art that was honoured in ancient India

The ancient temple carvings in India are masterpieces. One of the most visited temples by tourists in India is the Khajuraho caves to see the Khajuraho Temples, also known as the Kamasutra Temples, which has many carvings of making love in different positions. The Khajuraho temple of love dates back to about a 1000 years and was built between the years 950AD and 1150AD. Sex was considered an art in ancient India and was honoured. The image here shows one of the more modest carvings of the Khajuraho temple of love.

The Khajuraho temple is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, about 600 kilometres (375 miles) from New Delhi. The main Khajuraho points of interest is that all the carvings of sexual scenes in Khajuraho Temples are on the outside surface of the wall of the temple and that, inside the temple such erotic carvings are not there. Every night there are Light & Sound shows at the Khajuraho Temple premises and one of these daily shows is in English language.

Satellite picture of India at night

India is one of the fastest developing economies of the world and is a very modern economy. An indication of how far India has developed can be seen in the NASA satellite picture of earth at night showing areas with high development lit up at night with the use of Electricity. The satellite picture of earth at night gives an indication of the amount of lights in a country and how far the country has developed or how modern it is. You can see the whole world night Satellite image released by NASA at the bottom (you can go to the NASA website by clicking anywhere on the image). This is a combination of different photographs taken over each region at the same time of the night in that region, for example at 8PM over India, 8PM over Europe, 8PM over East Coast of USA and 8PM over West coast of USA and so on.

From the satellite picture of earth at night you can see the bright lights of India at night from the satellite photo below and it is obvious that the night lights of India is on a par with those of the USA and Europe. This indicates the high development of India.

NASA Satellite image at night of earth lights
NASA satellite images of earth at night, India shines bright

India sends satellite to mars orbit

India recently launched a successful mission to mars by sending a satellite to orbit mars. This does indeed prove India's technical capabilities. India is only the fourth Nation in the world to put a satellite to orbit Mars, after the United States, the Soviet Union, and the European Space Agency. There have been to date, 51 attempts by Nations to send satellites to Mars but only 21 out of 51 missions have been successful. India has the distinction of succeeding in the very first attempt; none of the other nations could get it right the first time. Another other unique fact is that India spent only about 71 million for this Mars Mission, which is considered dirt cheap to achieve such a great feat. This is no ordinary achievement, India has developed a new technology of using cheap low powered satellites which gets the required speed to escape earth’s gravitational pull by a technique known as the slingshot ejection.

Is India safe for travel

Most parts of India are safe for travel. India was a Colony of England for nearly 200 years till India obtained its independence in 1947. The freedom movement of India was unique in that they obtained freedom by non-violent means, under the leadership of the great Gandhi, known in India as 'Mahatma Gandhi' meaning the 'The Great Soul, Gandhi'. This in a way demonstrates the peace loving nature of Indians.

India is a safe country for travel. Of course, like anywhere else in the world you should take normal precautions while travelling. In India tourists are treated well and with respect and if help is sought, people go out of their way to help. The law and order situation in India is good and the police very helpful. The common use of English in India is of great advantage to tourists and travelers in India, and there are no problem in communicating with the common people of India.

What is there to see in India, best holiday places in India

There are millions of tourists visiting India every year. Our site answers your questions about India points of interest like: What is there to see in India? or Which are best holiday places in India? or What food do they eat in India? Please visit our dedicated pages that answers all these questions about India.

Is English spoken in India, how widely is English spoken in India

To understand how much is English spoken in India, you have to remember that India was a Colony of England for nearly 200 years, so English language is widely spoken in India. You can travel all across India and you will not have any language problems in India because English is in common use in India.

One of the great benefits gained by India due to the English colonial rule was that the English language was made the medium of education at all levels. This is one of the reasons for India’s success in Information Technology, Medicine and many other fields. English is the language of communication between the Indian States, each of whom have their own local language. The common use of English in India is of great advantage to the tourists and other visitors to India, since they have no problem in communicating in English with the people of India.

Ease of travel in India, Public transport facilities in India

India is a very easy country to travel around. Plenty of public transport facilities are available and India has fairly good roads connecting every nook and corner of India. Taxis and India's famous 'Auto Rickshaws' are available everywhere and cheap.

One of the greatest gifts of the English Colonial rule to India was the railway networks they built in India, connecting every part of India. The British built the rail networks to control India by being able to move its soldiers quickly from the barracks to any trouble spots and to exploit the wealth of India, but now it is a great blessing for Independent India. You can see and enjoy the diversity of India by traveling around on trains in this vast country. The fares are so cheap that you will hardly notice it. In fact, there is a special pass which foreigners can get, which allows them unlimited travel on any train, any time, within the validity of the pass. More on this in our dedicated page India by Train

The roads are also pretty good and commuting by Buses is also possible at very cheap rates. During the last decade Air travel across India has grown multifold and it is affordable, especially when the rates are converted to Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

Indian SIM card for foreigners

Getting local prepaid SIM card in India for foreigners with fast 4G data internet facility is easy at Indian Airports, Railway Stations or in many of the shops around the country. All you need to provide is a copy of your passport, a passport size photograph and fill in a form.

India is well connected with the world by Internet and Phone services. At the moment in India, well over a million new mobile connections are being taken every month, the largest anywhere in the world, by far. Phone call charges are among the cheapest in the world. For those who want internet all the time and anywhere, fast 4G Mobile data SIM for your mobile cell phone is easily available at reasonable prices. Fast broadband Internet connections are quite common all over India and plenty of 'hotspots' are there for Wireless Internet connection for your laptop. The contry has almost 100% Mobile phones network coverage with strong signals. So telecommunication facilities in India are very good and staying in touch with your loved ones back home, or for business, is easy and cheap in India.

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