Why Indian food tastes so good?

Everybody loves Indian food and one of the top priorities of tourists to India is to taste the genuine Indian food. We have listed in separate pages the best Indian food items from each region of India.

The reason why Indian food tastes so good could be due to the fact that India has been a cultural pot with many civilizations coming to India. The earliest invader in India was Alexander the great followed by the Mongols, the Moguls and later by the European Invaders from Portugal, the Dutch, the French and the English. All these intruders into India brought with them their own cooking styles which when added to the native recipes resulted in the evolution of the great Indian food.

India is blessed with a rich bio-diversity and the earliest Indians were of an inquisitive mind and experimented with the many varieties of herbs and spices available using it in medicine - Ayurveda, and also in flavoring food. These experiment over thousands of years have created the recipes of modern Indian cooking which is now famous and popular all over the world.

How spicy is Indian food in India?

The top question in the minds of most of tourists before they reach India is whether Indian Food in India is too spicy. Once they are in India for a few days, they realize that they have the choice in hotels and restaurants to order their Indian dishes mildly spiced or to the level of the regular Indian food spice level. In short, the spice level of Indian food can be adjusted to your taste in most of the restaurants and hotels in India. You just have to tell the waiter your spice level tolerance prior to ordering.

What food do they eat in India

We have separate pages on the type of food eaten in various parts of India. There is a common page describing the most popular food items in India ...Most popular dishes of India. Then we have separate pages for famous Indian food items in each of the regions of India and about the most popular sweets in India, the pages are as follows:

Famous food of North India

North Indian food is an evolution of traditional Indian spicy foods mixed with the recipes of the invading forces in ancient times. Alexander the Great was one of the first of those invaders who came to India through the Khyber Pass of the Himalayan Mountain range. He was followed by Genghis Khan from Mongolia and then followed by the Muslim invaders, the Mughals. So essentially North Indian Cooking is an evolution of a mixture of all the cooking practices of the invaders laced with the flavors of the traditional Indian Spices. Please visit our page North Indian Food, famous North Indian dishes

Famous food items of South India

The types of food available in South India are mostly based on rice, unlike in North India where they rely more on wheat products. The most famous South Indian food items are the South Indian Breakfast foods Idli, Sambar, Vada, Dosa and Upma. These are the all-time favorite breakfast foods of India and have been enjoyed for generations. Pictures of traditional South Indian Food with names and description are given in our ..... webpage on South Indian Food

Name of best sweets in India with Images

There are literally thousands of different varieties of Indian Sweets being the specialty of a particular region and even almost every city and village have their own special Indian sweet variety. We have a full page giving the name of best sweets in India with Images. ....Indian sweets name and photos

Calories in Indian sweets, is it safe to eat silver foil on Indian sweets

We have a dedicated page about the calorie content of Indian sweets and whether it is safe to eat the silver foil on top of Indian sweets. We also answer the question why Indian sweets have silver foil on top. Please visit our page Calories contained in Indian Sweets, Why put silver paper on Indian Sweets

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