Things to be careful about in India

India is not such a dangerous country as some sections of the press make it to be. Of course you have to take the normal precations which common sense dictates. In general India is a very safe country.

We have several pages on our website explaining and giving tips on important things to know when traveling to India, like getting visas, what the weather is like and what type of clothing to take with you when travelling to India. We start first about getting a visa for India

Indian visa on arrival country list

The new India visa requirements for tourists are much more liberal and citizens of many countries can avail of the new Visa on ariival at Indian Airports. Please check for Indian visa on arrival country list on the Indian Bureau Of Immigration website. The Indian Bureau Of Immigration website has clear instructions on how to apply for Indian visas. We have a dedicated page offering advise and explaining about getting Indian travel visas. Please visit our dedicated page about Indian travel visas

Cheap and best flights to India

There are plenty of choices to fly into India. Direct flights to the Largest Airports in India like Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay), are available from most of the European Major Airports.

Low cost India flights are available with most of the leading airlines of the world like British Air, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, etc. Direct non-stop flights to the Major Airports of India are rare, and the usual route is through Europe by one of the previously mentioned Airlines or by American Airlines, Delta, Continental, etc to Europe and then a connecting flight to Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay). Cheap flights to India from US are only available during the lean season now, but with the Indian Government just announcing that it will allow the big Airbus A380 flights into India, cheapest flights to India will be possible soon. More from our dedicated page about India flights.

Air travel within India, flying between cities in India

India has many domestic airports which are well connected with each other. There are regular flights between all the cities of India. We have a map of India showing all the airports of India .... Please visit our dedicated page about all the airports in India.

India train travel tips

Many tourists fly around in India not knowing the pleasures of Train travel in India. Train journeys in India are cheap, comfortable, safe and on time in India. India has had railways for over a hundred years and India has the largest network of railways in the world.

We explain how a train journey in India can be planned and how you can make bookings on Indian trains online. Please visit our page on Indian train travel.

India travel tips clothing, Clothes to take and wear in India

India has moderate climate with hot summers and cool winters. In places like Delhi the weather can get very hot, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, during summer months. So clothes for summer in India should be light cotton fabrics. In India the winters are mild and it never reaches freezing point anywhere in India except for hill tops and mountainous areas like Kashmir. So clothes for winter in India need not be so warm, just a pull over and some warm underclothes will do.

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