Best food to have in India, which State has best food in India

We have on this page some of the most ordered restaurant dishes in India. All over the world Indian Restaurants are opening up and they fill up fast with plenty of customers. So what is so special about Indian food that has people craving to eat Indian Food. We have below some pictures of the most liked Indian food dishes with their names and a short description. These are the most famous Indian dishes in the world and best Indian food dishes to order in an Indian Restaurant

Pictures of best Indian food dishes

Here are pictures of some of the best Indian food dishes to order. Many of these dishes are available as street food in India. Even though many have the doubt 'is it safe to eat Indian street food? we would highly recommend that you try these most loved Indian food dishes

Thandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken

Thandoori Chicken is made by grilling marinated chicken pieces in a Thandoor. The marinate is a mixture of yogurt and thandoori masala spices. The Thandoor is like a large clay pot with burning embers of charcoal at the bottom. The chicken pieces are grilled on the inside walls of the thandoor.

Mutton Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Mutton Rogan Josh is a gravied meat dish, fiery red colored, but not too spicy. Goes well with Naan or Chappatis. The dish is cooked with the Kashmiri Chilies which are bright red but not burning hot like other chilies.

Naan and Chapatis


Naan and Chapatis are the common Indian flat breads eaten with sabji - a vegatable dish or a meat dish like Rogan Josh. Naan is made with white wheat flour and grilled in a thandoor (clay oven). Chappati is made with whole meal wheat flour and cooked on a tava (rimless sauce-pan)


Indian Biryani

Biryani is a flavored rice dish cooked with meat, fragrant spices, rice and many other ingredients. The Indian Biriyani may be the original Mughal version. They are very tasty and should be tried.


Idly the popular south Indian breakfast food

Idli is one of the most popular breakfast foods of India. It is about 2 inches in diameter and made from a fermented batter of ground rice and lentil and steamed in moulds. They are normally served with chutney -a spiced ground coconut paste and Sambar (see below) a watery gravy, not too spicy and goes well with idly.



Dosa is also a popular breakfast food and is made with the same fermented batter as the Idli, but instead of steaming it is made flat like a pancake. Chutney and Sambar are served with it. Masala Dosa has a potato filling.  Dosas are delicious and very popular with the tourists.

Safe foods to eat in India, is it safe to eat Indian street food

How safe is food in India? Is it safe to eat street food in India? Which are the safe foods to eat in India? These are some of the questions in the minds of visitors and tourists to India. There is a huge variety of Indian Food available in India and most foreign visitors on their first visit to India are overwhelmed and don't know what to eat in India. It is safe to eat in your hotel and from large restaurants. But be a little adventurous and try some of the Indian street food to taste of real Indian food in India. Make sure that the street foods in India you get come fresh off the oven or frying pan. You do not want to risk eating food which has been sitting on the shelves for some time. Some of the grilled Indian foods made in the famous tandoori oven are superb and you should not miss it on any visit to India.

How good is Indian food in India

The other question in the minds of most tourists to India is "Indian Food is so famous the world over, so is the real Indian food in India better?" Yes, Indian food in India is superb and it has to be tasted in India to relish real Indian Food. To experience the best Indian food in India, you will have to venture out and visit some of the popular restaurants frequented by Indians. There are many top class Indian restaurants all over India who serve genuine Indian food loved by the Indians. Go there to get a real taste of Indian food by asking for the most popular Indian dishes or asking them for their suggestions.

Most loved Indian food

A recent survey of UK restaurants found that the most loved and liked Indian food in the UK are Chicken Tikka Masala, Thandoori chicken and Naan. 'Chicken Tikka Masala' was voted the most ordered food in UK restaurants.

India is a large country and the food and the style of cooking in India is different in different regions of India. So to know which is the most loved Indian food, we have to select it region by region. The two main types of Indian food are the North Indian types of food and the South Indian types food.

North Indian Vs South Indian food

The main difference between South Indian and North Indian food is that South Indian food rely more on rice unlike North Indian foods where more wheat based products like Chapattis and Rottis are eaten. Coconuts are frequently used in South Indian food whereas North Indian food tends to use more dairy milk products. North Indian food is normally much richer due the use of more oil and dairy products. Tamarind is used as the souring agent in South India whereas in North Indian food they tend to use more lime or lemon and Amchoor (dried mango powder). Flat unleavened wheat breads like Naan, toandoor roti and chapatti are the staple food of North India compared to boiled rice in South Indian food.

What is Tandoori style of cooking

Some of the most famous Indian food like Tandoori Chicken and Naan are the made by tandoor oven cooking. The tandoori oven cooking is a method of cooking that has been practised in the Punjab region of India for more than 5000 years. Tandoori style ovens have been discovered in archaeological excavations of the 5000 year old Indus Valley civilisation.

The tandoori oven is a tall clay pot where charcoal is burnt at the bottom of the pot and cooking is done by actually sticking the food items on the top side walls of the tandoor oven. The food is cooked or grilled over open fire and with the hot gasses of the charcoal give tandoori food that special taste famous all over the world. The most popular Indian dishes are tandoori dishes like Tandoori chicken and the tandoori breads, Tandoori Naan and Tandoor Roti.

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