What are Hill Stations in India, where to cool off in India

The best places to cool off in India are in the 'Hill Stations' of India which were developed by the English colonists while they ruled India. They used to move to these Hill Stations when summer started in India and used to live there till the Indian Summer months finished.

Now all the Indian famous Hill Stations have become the best holiday places in India in summer. These famous hill stations of India are located high in the mountain ranges of India, like Darjeeling on the foothills of the Himalayas, Ooty, Kodaikanal and Munnar on the Western Ghats in South India. Most of these Hill Stations developed by the British in India, were near big lakes high in the mountains were they used to have boating and recreational fishing facilities. The British made sure that these Hill Stations were well connected by roads and mountain railways. Now these same Hill Staions in India are the most popular tourist ceters for summer vacation holidays. Some of the top most cool tourist holiday places in India for summer vacations are as follows

Find Hotel Resorts in Hill Staions of India

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List of good Hill Stations in India

We give below a list of the good hill stations in India.

Indian Hill Station holiday packages

The best way to book a room in one of the Indian hill station hotels or homestays is to get in touch with the Government agencies set up to promote tourism to their popular hill stations. Good Indian Hill Station holiday packages are available from these Government agencies whose website links are given below:

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