Domestic air travel in India

Internal travel in India by air is becoming easier by the day with new airlines and new airports being built. India has airports in almost all the cities in India as shown in the Airports in India map at the bottom of this page.

Airline connections in India to all these cities are good with the many new Domestic airlines in India. The prices vary and during rush time domestic air flights in India can be expensive, but if you choose to fly during the lean hours and season, the the domestic airfares in India can be quite cheap. There are many Indian internal flights to choose from and Indian Airlines internal flights are quite safe and reliable.

Travelling by air inside India, Airline connections in India

There are over ten Domestic airlines in India operating internal flights in India and these airlines fly to almost all the cities of India. So travelling by air inside India is a easy and with so many Domestic Airlines, airline connections in India are very good.

Some of the airlines flying inside India are Air India, GoAir, IndiGo, Jet Airways, JetLite, SpiceJet, etc. It is possible to get cheap airline tickets to fly between places inside India, if you search online at the Indian Domestic Airlines website and plan your trip well ahead.

Here below we give links to the websites of the most popular airlines in India operating internal flights in India. Clicking on any of the Airlines links below will take you directly to that Airline's internal flights bookings page

International Flights to India

There are plenty of choices to fly into India. Direct flights to the Largest Airports in India like Delhi and Mumbai (Bombay), are available from most of the European Major Airports. Low cost India flights are available with most of the leading airlines of the world like British Air, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, etc. At the moment there are no low cost airlines to India from Europe, but there is talks going on for the introduction of Budget Airlines to India from all the major airports in Europe

From USA direct non-stop flights to the Major Airports of India are rare, and the usual route is through Europe by one of the previously mentioned Airlines or by American Airlines, Delta, Continental, etc to Europe and then a connecting flight to Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay).

Cheap flights to India from US are only available during the lean season. Hopefully there will come a day of cheap flights to India from US with the introduction of budget airlines to India from the USA. If you want to fly to any other city, then you need to take a domestic flight from either Delhi or Mumbai (Bombay) Airport. This involves Customs and Immigration clearance and then transfer to another Domestic Airport. This is not at all convenient and it is better you get a direct flight to the City of your final destination. Other than a handful of flights from Europe, none of the European or American Airlines have flights to any city other than Delhi or Mumbai in India.

The only Airlines that can offer you very convenient flights to these smaller cities are the Middle East oil rich Gulf States National Airlines like Emirates Airlines, Ethihad Airlines and Qatar Airways. These Airlines, especially Emirates Airlines have regular daily flights to India via Dubai not only to Delhi and Mumbai, but also to all other all the Indian International Airports in the smaller cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivandrum and Cochin. Since Emirates has direct flights from Dubai to New York, Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Emirates is one of the best Airlines to fly to India.

One of the best choices to fly into India is to take a flight offered by the Middle East Gulf States Airlines like Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. Etihad flights to India goes through Abu Dhabi. Emirates flights to India is especially good since you can fly to Dubai direct from all the major European and American Airports. There are direct non-stop flights from New York, Houston, San Francisco, Toronto (Canada) and Los Angeles to Dubai. Then from Dubai you can fly direct to most of the Indian Airports like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai (Madras), Bangalore, Cochin (Kerala), Goa, Hyderabad and many more. This is a very convenient way to get to your destination in India.

Added to the charm of this flight, is the facility for a stopover in Dubai, which also includes hotel stay, food and transportation. Dubai is a dream city which has risen from the desert sands and is now one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is also a shopper’s paradise with some of the lowest prices in the world for electronics, Jewelry, clothes, etc. Emirates Airlines will soon have one of the largest fleets of the Jumbo Airbus A380 Aircraft. They are already operating Nonstop flights on these giant A380s on routes from USA, Canada, UK and Europe to Dubai . The A380s are just the best planes to fly today. Just imagine you have a bar/restaurant, Duty free shop and even a shower is possible on these planes. Below please find images of the seating plan.

List of Indian Airports

For a full list of all the Airports in India it is best to refer to the interactive map of all Airports of India provided by the Airports Authority of India on their website

Map of airports in India

The Indian Airports Map below shows all the Indian Airports, major and minor. This Airports map of India is from the Airport Authority of India.

Airport map of India from Airport Authority of India
Airports map of India

All Civil Airports in India are under the control of the Airports Authority of India. The site is able to give some basic information on all the Airports in India.

India has quite a good Domestic air network. Many Airlines like Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice Jet and many more, crisscross the country giving good air connections through out the country. If you book early, sometimes airfares are cheaper than going by trains.

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